New Clinical Breakthrough Finally Available In Singapore: 

4-In-1 Hair Regeneration Methodology, Clinically Proven By World Dermatologists To Boost Your Hair Density By >23.25% In 4 Months (With A Success Rate Of 94%)* 

* Journal of Dermatology & Research

“Hair loss no cure one la. At most go for hair transplant or see doctor loh.”

In Singapore, it is no secret that there is only a couple of hair treatment which have been medically proven to work – mainly hair transplant and prescribed drugs.

Unfortunately, these solutions come with side effects.

Like the visible scars left behind by the transplant, prolonged healing of up to 12 months, possible recurrence of hair loss and the lingering side effects of hormonal imbalances from prescribed drugs.

And of course, treatment is
highly expensive with an average cost of $12,000 for surgery, while drugs and treatments may have side effects and a lifetime dependency for results.

Consequently, some Singaporeans have no choice but turn to equally expensive, yet non-scientific and seemingly too-good-to-be-true packages from hair centres.

In fact, with such high costs, side effects, and mixed success with all the hair loss solutions out there, it’s not hard to see that many EVENTUALLY throw in the towel and let nature take its course.

However, it doesn’t have to end like this.

With the latest innovation that is clinically proven to boost your hair density by
at least 23.25% in 4 months at a success rate greater than 94%, you can reactivate your hair follicles without overpaying and regain your hairline without scarring, downtime, or side effects.


Hair loss stop and hair growth thicker - I am happy with my purchase! 

Ms L, 62

Notice less hair loss and scalp is not greasy like before I used it  

Mr H, 50

Happy to use this home device- saves me time as I don’t have to go salons for 2 hour treatments!

Ms T, 67

Hairegen is a great morale booster. I have been using it for a year and I’m pleased to say that it has helped to reduce my hair loss. Very happy with the results.

JK, 60

Highly recommend user friendly Hair devise. I use it regularly -5 min a day and it delivers the results - Helps with my hair loss problem and stimulates new hair growth

Ms A

Solving Your Hair Loss Problem Once And For All:


So how does Hairegen boost your hair density reliably (compared to other alternatives out there)?

You see, hair loss is caused mainly by this ONE thing - DHT sex hormone, which attacks the hair follicles, reduce blood flow, and cause them to shrink progressively till irreversible. 

This is nothing new. 

But unlike the other conventional methods, which relies purely on infrequent physical stimulation by hand to improve blood flow or unlocalised chemical drugs to reduce DHT, Hairegen combines 
ALL FOUR PROVEN THERAPIES for a highly localised treatment – biochemically, electrically, mechanically, and optically. 


Clinically Proven By Dermatologists

We do not believe in baseless claims or vain promises. All clinical results (based on 289 patients) are scientifically analysed by TrichoScan machine, peer-reviewed by the international scientific community, and published. Hence, rest assured that every promise we make about Hairegen is backed with evidence and accurate.

High Success Rate Of 94%, Backed By Science

You may be wondering, will Hairegen really give me results? Well, according to clinical trials, there is a 94% success rate of hair regeneration after 4 months of usage, compared to 30 – 60% for patients who use drugs. In other words, if you’re looking for guaranteed results, Hairegen is probably as close as it gets.

Tested To Have No Side Effects

You may or may not already know that hair loss drugs come with side effects like dandruff, skin irritation, possible birth defects and sexual problems. Hairegen on the other hand, treats and reactivates the hair follicles locally with biochemically, electrically, mechanically and optically. In other words, clinically safe and controlled with no side effects.



Do you know that most of the medical drugs taken orally are not delivered to the hair? On the other hand, the metallic discs on hairegen are able to lightly introduce trace amounts of zinc and copper which are known inhibitors of DHT.


Hairegen uses a proprietary electrical microcurrent with less than 200µA, using the potential difference between the zinc and copper discs to gently deposit these trace elements locally onto the scalp. This enables a targeted approach to deposit these DHT blockers locally to the hair follicles where they are needed.


Each metallic disc gently vibrates to create thousands of pressure points, promoting blood circulation and bringing nutrients to the hair follicles. With nutrients and blood circulation, this creates an ideal environment for weak hair to strengthen instead of falling off prematurely.


A Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is projected onto the scalp to encourage cell renewal, calm down impacted sebaceous glands and kill harmful bacteria, hence it works to bring down oiliness in the scalp and speeds up healing.


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Just 5 – 8 Minutes A Day & See Results In 4 Months

Hair loss is getting worse but you have no time due to work, travel, or family commitments?
Well, Hairegen only requires up to 8 minutes per day. Simply chose amongst three programs: 3-minute, 5-minute, 8-minute at your convenience.
Even better? Hairegen is portable and rechargeable, so you can bring it wherever you go.

Self-Guided Treatment With Your Home Device

When it comes to hair treatment, many people think you can only rely on doctors or hair centres.
Not necessary.
With Hairegen’s Personal Trainer & Feedback, your treatment journey is not only tracked, but you’ll be alerted with beeps to ensure the correct pressure range and proximity are adhered to throughout the treatment.

Safe & Affordable Clinical Option

Why spend tens of thousands on physical treatments or potentially suffer from side effects?
Hairegen’ patented PCLT method (Pinpoint Current Laser Therapy) has been rigorously tested clinically to increase your hair density by >23.25% in 4 months at a rate of success rate of 94%.
Yes, all made possible with a clinically tested and dermatologist-researched hand-held device that’s affordable for all.

Media Features


Hairegen Asia was started in 2018 and based in Singapore.

Appalled by how much consumers in Singapore are overpaying for hair loss treatment, they seek to shake up the anti-hair loss industry with a result-assured, yet significantly cheaper solution.

The result? A US patent that is not only able to deliver visible hair re-growth, but 80% cheaper than the current market solution - so that hair loss customers need not worry about burning a hole in their pocket to do expensive, too-good-to-be-true treatments or hair transplant.


When will I be able to see results?

Hairegen is clinically proven to provide MINIMUM 23.25% improvement to hair growth and thickness within 5 months.

Additionally, the potential for improvement depends on each individual user’s starting point and personal potential. This means that for some, improvement could be even more substantial.

Is it painful?

Hairegen is a painless treatment.

Nevertheless, first time users may experience a pricklier sensation for the first two weeks while getting used to the stimulation. In addition, there will be a slight tingling sensation which is a normal experience that tells you that there is stimulation and increase in blood circulation in the scalp.

How many times a day should I use Hairegen?

A daily usage of 5 minutes is recommended for users with short hair and 8 minutes for users with longer hair for significant improvement within 5 months.
Frequency of use can also depend on the stage of hair treatment. For instance, once growth is substantial and stabilised, use can be cut down to 4 times a week and with a shorter programme duration (i.e. 3 – 5 minutes).

How will I know it’s working?

Hair has its own growth cycle and results are difficult to see day-by-day. We highly recommend taking a ‘before’ photograph for reference and comparison. After a minimum of 5 months, you should be able to see significant improvement in the volume and vitality of your hair.

What happens if I stop using Hairegen?

Stopping Hairegen treatment for a few days will not affect the outcome.

Is there a warranty? Where do I service it?

Hairegen comes with a 1 Year Warranty. You may service your Hairegen at 13 Stamford Road, B2-48 Singapore 178905.


Think it’s impossible to treat hair loss? Think again.

As you can clearly see, Hairegen’s 4-In-1 Hair Regeneration Methodology is clinically proven by dermatologists to boost your hair density by >23.25% in 4 months with a high success rate of 94%.

But maybe you’re not sure if Hairegen can truly deliver on that promise.

That’s okay.

Go ahead and sign up for your non-obligatory FREE 1-hour webinar with our expert trichologist, ‘Let’s Talk About Hair’, where you can:

-Get ALL your questions answered and gain Free Direct Access to our expert Trichologist, Eva Yue, who has worked with companies like Svenson and BIH for more than 20 years and has trained more than 100 trichologists. Eva Yue is also a Certified Trichologist of the Asian Society of Trichology and a Licentiate of The Trichological Society. 

-Enjoy our exclusive ‘Limited-Time $300 Off HairRegen Promotion’ ! 

-Identify what kind of hair loss you may be suffering from, at which stage you’re at (Please attach your hairline photos below for customised advice), and debunk the popular myths that are preventing you from regaining back your hairline

-Discover pros and cons of the current solutions in the market, the expected costs, treatment period and how Hairegen can effectively solve your hair loss problem for good.

Venue: Zoom conference
Speaker: Eva Yue, Certified Trichologist of the Asian Society of Trichology

    P.S. To make the most out of your time, we will be giving direct counsel during the webinar to all those who upload a photograph of their hair loss area. This is optional, but highly recommended to take the chance for a no-commitment mini-consultation with our expert!

    “Even if you are starting to feel that your hair is balding, or starting to lose shape. Once your hair follicles die, your hair will not grow anymore.”


    Hairegen Asia

    13 Stamford Road #B2-48, Capitol Piazza Singapore 178905